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Bengal Kitchen Indian & Bangladeshi Restaurant

96-98 The Dale, Sheffield S8 0PS
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Bangladeshi Food, Indian Food £10.00 45 minutes Free

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Chef`s Special

No. Description Price Qty -
1 Chicken Mango Delight 5.95  
( Cooked in mild spices with sweet mango, coconut, cream & cashew nutsContain nutsMild )
2 Sylheti Gatta Bhuna 7.95  
( Chicken, meat, prawn, king prawn cooked in selected herbs with yoghurt, mushroom, pineapple & chilliesFairly hot )
3 Murghi Makhani 5.95  
( Marinated chicken cooked with selected herbs, Indian butter, roasted tomato, coconut, cream, almond & pineappleContain nutsMild )
4 Grameen Beef Aloo 6.50  
( Cooked in spicy sauce with own selected herbs, chillies, garlic, ginger & seasoned potatoesFairly hot )
5 Chicken Shobuj 5.95  
( Cooked with crushed green chillies, garden mint, coriander leaves, green peppers & selected herbsFairly hot )
6 Chicken Shurma 5.95  
( Marinated spring chicken breast filled with mince meat & cooked in a special spiced thick sauceMedium )
7 Chicken Mamlet 5.95  
( Cooked with selected herbs, spiced omelette & strips of marinated chicken in a special sauceMedium )
8 Satkora 6.50  
( Cooked in selected herbs & spices with Bengali bitter lemon, chillies, in a tangy flavoured sauceFairly hot )
9 Shahi Lamb Chops 6.50  
( Cooked with selected herbs, onion seeds, cherry tomatoes, chillies, roasted garlic, ginger, mincemeat in a spiced thick sauceFairly hot )
10 Deshi Handi 5.95  
( Chicken or lamb (on the bone). A traditional apna style dish which is great on it's own, or add up to two of the following vegetables of your choice (paneer, bhindi, gobi, saag, brinjal or aloo) for an extra 0.50 available on the neat page Fairly hot )
11 Chicken Badami 5.95  
( Cooked with peanut butter, coconut, cream, brown sugar, coriander in a special mild sauceContain nutsMild )
12 Keema Aloo Peas 5.95  
( Cooked with mince meat, potatoes, garden peas, chillies, selected herbs & spicesFairly hot )
13 Bengal Flame 6.50  
( Cooked in selected hot spices with a combination of naga chilli, bullet chilli, tomato, yoghurt, ginger & garlicHot )
14 Ada Roshun 6.50  
( Cooked with selected herbs, garlic, ginger, coriander leaves & chilliesFairly hot )
15 Chana Daal 6.50  
( Cooked with mixed lentils, selected herbs, roasted chillies & garlicFairly hot )

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