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Bengal Pavillion Indian Home Dining

58 Morrish Road, London SW2 4EG
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Steaks & Cigarettes

No. Description Price Qty -
1 20 Benson Gold 13.95  
2 20 Marlborough Light 13.95  
3 Chicken Steak 9.95  
( Succulent & juicy tender chicken breast grilled to perfection. )
4 Fillet Steak 18.95  
( A prime cut of fillet steak, the tenderest cut of all, the fillet has a rich, buttery texture & flavour that is all the more enhanced by our special charcoal grilling. )
5 Lamb Steak 14.95  
( A favourful steak of lamb fillet cut across the grain to show the traditional lamb texture. )
6 Rib Eye On The Bone Steak 16.95  
( Delicious juicy cut of marbled rib eye kept on the bone for that added flavour. )
7 Rib Eye Steak 14.95  
( A popular & juicy steak taken from the beef rib. Extra fat makes this especially tender & flavourful. )
8 Rump Steak 14.95  
( A succulent flavourful cut taken from the back muscle, the chewier option for those classic rump lovers. )
9 Sirloin Steak 14.95  
( The top sirloin is a juicy cut taken from the centre of the loin. )
10 T-Bone Steak 14.95  
( A mouth watering, full-flavoured, classic cut of prime beef on the bone & a real succulent cut all the more perfect once done steakout style. )
11 Tilapia Steak 11.95  
( Tilapia fillet with its great rich flavour shallow fried makes the perfect lighter steak. )

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