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Kismet Tandoori Copland Road

170 Copland Road, Glasgow G51 2UE
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House Specials

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1 Mild - Shahi Chasni 6.20  
( Although sweet & sour cooking is mostly associated with the Chinese. The South Indians have also developed their own version using honey for sweetness and lime juice for sournessContains Nuts )
2 Mild - Mussoorie Pasanda 6.20  
( Barbecued chicken in a cream sauce of flaked almonds, sweet yoghurt and coconut cream. Exceptionally smooth in tasteContains Nuts )
3 Mild - Pista Pasanda 6.20  
( A rare recipe of korma made with fresh cream, tomatoes, ground cashew nuts & ground pistachiosContains Nuts )
4 Mild - Tikka Masala 6.20  
( Prepared with green peppers, natural yoghurt, fresh cream and tandoori sauce Contains Nuts )
5 Mild - N. Bengal Fruity 6.20  
( A famous dish from the buffet of the great eastern hotel in Calcutta. Fruity with mango and pineapple Contains Nuts )
6 Mild - Red Fort 6.20  
( Ground cashew nuts, sultanas, cream and some rare ground herbs. Mild, smooth and fresh in tasteContains Nuts )
7 Mild - Makhani Masala 6.20  
( Green cardamoms, butter and cream finished with cashew nuts, making a citrus creamy dishContains Nuts )
8 Mild - Butter Masala 6.20  
( Prepared with ginger, garlic and butterContains Nuts )
9 Medium - Tamarind Tikka Masala 6.20  
( Prepared with fresh ginger, garlic, ground tamarind, cumin and chilli in a tandoori yoghurt sauce with capsicums & onion giving a medium to hot dish )
10 Medium - Chicken Jaipuri 6.20  
( Special recipe from Jaipur, a semi dry dish prepared from tender pieces of barbecued chicken, cooked with ground onions, green peppers, mushrooms, fresh herbs & Indian spices )
11 Medium - Parsi Speciality 6.20  
( A famous Parsi wedding dish, lavishly garnished with fresh spices, urid-daal and fresh lemon - a superb dish )
12 Medium - Achari 6.20  
( From Uttar Pardesh, a specialty from Hyderabad. Pieces of marinated chicken cooked in a tantalizing pickled masala. Laved with a whole green chilli )
13 Medium - Masaledar 6.20  
( Tender pieces of barbecued chicken, simmered and cooked in a piquant sauce with tomatoes and mango chutney )
14 Medium - Nentara 6.20  
( Bite sized pieces of chicken tikka cooked in a spicy sauce of tomatoes, fresh coriander leaves, spring onion and grated garlic and ginger )
15 Medium - Newabi Kurhi 6.20  
( A rich texture of sauce is achieved with the use of ground channa in yoghurt and medium spices )
16 Medium - Kerela Moilee 6.20  
( A popular dish in 5. India and Ceylon, Chicken cooked with roasted coconut and blended into a rich sauce with creamed coconut and ground cashew nuts, giving an excellent dishContains Nuts )
17 Medium - Meat With Mint Yoghurt 6.20  
( Very tender barbecued lamb with coriander and an abundance of fresh mint, finished with yoghurt. Minty and delicious )
18 Medium - Garam Masala 6.20  
( Prepared with a base of garlic butter with onions and capsicums, garnished with fresh coriander )
19 Medium - Special Ralwa 6.20  
( A very tasty bhuna dish with chopped pieces of chicken and lamb tikka with prawns and mince garnished with fresh coriander and spring onions, served with a spicy yoghurt raita )
20 Medium - Begum Bahar 6.20  
( Barbecued chicken pieces in a karahi sauce with mince meat and pineapple )
21 Medium - Balti Ambala 6.20  
( Barbecued pieces of chicken tikka in sweet & sour sauce (pathia) with peppers and onion, served in a balti )
22 Medium - Sharabi Tarka 6.20  
( Chicken tikka pieces done in a sauce with brandy, mushrooms and strands of onions, sprinkled with fresh coriander )
23 Medium - Shamk Chalo 6.20  
( Prepared with base of cointreau and ginger garlic, slightly tangy )
24 Medium - Tikka Orange 6.20  
( Prepared with a base of ginger garlic, topped up with cointreauContains Nuts )
25 Medium - Lemon Chicken 6.20  
( Barbecued pieces of chicken tikka in fresh garlic & ginger with fresh lemon juice )
26 Hot - Balti 6.20  
( Barbecued chicken cooked with fresh garlic and ginger, onions & capsicums with a touch of mixed Kashmiri masala. Served in a haiti (souk) )
27 Hot - South Indian Garlic Chilli 6.20  
( Barbecued chicken pieces in a fresh garlic and chilli sauce with fresh coriander and a touch of crispy red chilli )
28 Hot - Asamese Jalfrezi 6.20  
( Chicken tikka pieces cooked with fresh ginger, green chillies, peppers and fresh coriander in a garlic dressing with a sprinkle of kala jeera (cumin seeds) )
29 Hot - Chicken Punjabi Chilli (Very Hot) 6.20  
( Special Recipe from the state of Punjab. A hot dish prepared with a base of garlic, ginger and fresh Punjabi Masala with capsicums, onions and green chillies in a thick sauce )

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