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Mr India's Balti & Dosa House

11-13 Hyndland Street, Glasgow G11 5QE
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House Specials

No. Description Price Qty -
1 Special Bhuna Karahi 6.95  
( Karahi dishes are prepared & traditionally served in a cast iron pan (karahi). A very rich flavour is obtained using fresh Punjabi masala )
2 Pardesi 6.95  
( A rich curry with additional fried onions & mushrooms, cooked with spinach & a hint of garlic & ginger )
3 Akbari 6.95  
( Something different, prepared in a tomato base sauce with fresh coriander, herbs & ground almonds, topped with smooth, creamy melted cheese )
4 Nawabi 6.95  
( A dish for the Royals. The meat is stir fried in a karahi until lightly cooked & then added to a base of fried onions, fried mushrooms, capsicums & tomato (tasty) )
5 Rogan Josh 6.95  
( A dish popular all over the Indian sub continent, prepared with yoghurt, tomatoes, onions, various spices & fresh herbs )
6 Chasni Varnasi 6.95  
( A sweet & sour, smooth & tangy dish prepared with fresh cream, lemon mango chutney, mild herbs & spices )
7 Kerala Chilli 6.95  
( A sweet & sour base but for the slightly hotter palate with added green chillies, ground kali mirch & a hint of coconut )
8 Jaipuri 6.95  
( A dish of the Moghuls. Stir fried & prepared in a delicate sauce with fresh tomatoes & garnished with coriander, jeera & allowed to simmer slowly, cooked in its own juice with mushrooms, capsicums & onions using freshly ground Punjabi masala )
9 Goanese Delicacy 6.95  
( Creamed coconut sauce with a touch of yoghurt, fresh cream & green chillies added for that extra bite )
10 Achari 6.95  
( All the goodness & flavour of our special bhuna & for that extra bite with added mixed pickle )
11 Chicken Hot Pot 6.95  
( Recommended. A mixture of lemon, garlic sauce & greens )
12 Balti 6.95  
( Although the word 'Balti' literally means 'Bucket', it is in fact the Birmingham version of the karahi OR the Chinese wok. This type of cooking probably started in the Northwest frontier & spread in the regions of the Punjab & Kashmir. Balti cooking is authentic medium strength, unless otherwise specified )
13 Sing Sing Chandni 6.95  
( Origins of the dish are dubious, possibly Assam OR Burma. It is still very tasty, cooked with a touch of Cantonese style sauce )
14 South Indian Garlic Chilli Mirchi 6.95  
( Prepared with chilli masala sauce, fresh green chilli slices & chef's specially prepared spices )
15 Malaider - Da Mazza 6.95  
( A favourite with Punjabi people, prepared with fresh spices & herbs with garlic flakes & spinach cream (for those who like it hot, ask for green chillies) )
16 Tikka Masala 6.95  
( All the dishes are prepared in spices overnight, then they are cooked in the tandoor & finally simmered to perfection in a karahi - the most popular dish in the UK! )
17 Parsee Masala Mazaydor 6.95  
( An excellent Persian style favourite from the Red Fort region of Rajasthan. Touch of lentil, hint of pathia & green pepper )
18 Sharabi 6.95  
( Made with red Wine )

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